Coolsculpting Results. What To Expect in 2021.

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Let’s talk about Coolsculpting results and how this amazing treatment benefits so many. Here at SafiraMD, we’re proud to offer our clients CoolSculpting® non-invasive fat reduction for so many reasons. This popular FDA-approved treatment is non-invasive and requires little to no downtime, making it easy to fit into the hectic schedule of your life. Most … Read more

Better with Lasers


Everything Gets Better with Lasers – BBL Photofacials are Proof! Alpharetta, GA It’s common knowledge, at this point in history, that everything looks cooler and better when you add lasers. But what you may not realize is that “everything” really does include your skin! Laser rejuvenation treatments here in Alpharetta, Georgia can result in a … Read more

Laser Hair Removal

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Best Self-Care Treatment – Laser Hair Removal. Alpharetta, GA When we talk about self-care here at SafiraMD, what we mean is any activity, product or treatment you do or get because it brings you happiness, health or peace of mind. One of our favorite self-care treatments we offer is laser hair removal! Is that surprising … Read more

Let Your Skin Glow

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Tips Related to Skin Care. Alpharetta, GA Between the cold air outside and the heat inside, it’s easy to see why winter is a tough time for your skin. There’s hardly any moisture to be found! At SafiraMD in Alpharetta, Georgia, it’s our mission and our passion to help you take care of and love … Read more

Laser Treatments and How They Can Help

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Let’s Talk About Laser Treatments in Alpharetta, Georgia You have probably heard about laser skin rejuvenation, and it’s no secret that laser treatments can offer a wide variety of benefits. But how much do you really know? Take our quiz to find out! Question 1: How many laser treatments do we offer here at SafiraMD? … Read more

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

laser skin rejuvenation treatments

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments for Valentine’s Day in Alpharetta, GA It may be the “dead of winter” but it’s ALSO the most wonderful time of the year to treat yourself to laser skin rejuvenation treatments here at SafiraMD! Because avoiding sun exposure is so important immediately following laser treatments, winter is by far the best … Read more

Laser Hair Removal Tips

laser hair removal tips

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Success Alpharetta, GA Did you know that now is a perfect time to schedule your series of laser hair removal treatments? Winter is the ideal time to undergo any laser skin treatment, especially laser hair removal because lasers and sun exposure DO NOT mix. Here are a few more laser … Read more

Body Contouring

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Become Your Best With Body Contouring Alpharetta, Georgia How many of you have worked hard to lose weight through diet and exercise, only to be left feeling unsuccessful and frustrated because of a double chin, stomach pooch, thigh fat, or another stubborn area? We’re going to imagine we’re seeing a lot of raised hands, because … Read more

Botox Treatment

Botox treatment

Reveal A Younger-Looking You with Botox treatment and dermal fillers! Alpharetta, Georgia If you’re starting to long for a years-younger complexion each time you look in the mirror, we’re here to say that you are most certainly not alone! Everyone feels that way at some point, and although aging is a privilege, it’s okay to … Read more