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Premium Hydroponics Equipment


As a commercial supplier

Growing Equipment

Working with the best cultivation teams, we provide commercial and private growers with the tools and equipment needed to get the maximum yield out of all your garden.


We pride ourselves in getting our product out as soon as possible. Trucks leave our warehouse at 8 AM PST for deliveries in the Los Angeles area. Using strategic partnerships we can drop ship virtually any hydroponic product or deliver it within 24 hours.


With over 25 years of experience in hydroponics, our team of experts can help guide you through any set up or snag. Need long term solutions? We provide consultations for gardens of any size. Just submit an inquiry with some information on the scope of your project.

The Premiere Hydroponics Company

We have consulted and helped cultivators and growers with thousand of gardens, both in California and across the US. Let Us Help.

Grow Lights

Optimize Your Yield.

Temperature Controls

Perfect Your Garden.

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