Laser Hair Removal Tips

laser hair removal tips

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Success Alpharetta, GA

Did you know that now is a perfect time to schedule your series of laser hair removal treatments? Winter is the ideal time to undergo any laser skin treatment, especially laser hair removal because lasers and sun exposure DO NOT mix.

laser hair removal tips

Here are a few more laser hair removal tips for getting your best results:

Stop plucking and waxing as soon as you can.

Laser hair removal needs your hair roots to be intact for successful treatments. That’s because the laser is designed to target and disable only your hair follicles, not the surrounding skin. When your hair is plucked or waxed, you are removing your hair follicles along with your hair, which renders laser hair removal ineffective because it has nothing to target. We recommend that you stop plucking or waxing about a month before your treatments start. These laser hair removal tips come in handy, trust us!

Do not grow your hair too long.

On the one hand, we want you to stop plucking and waxing, but that doesn’t mean you should stop shaving your hair altogether. When you grow your hair too long, the laser is not able to detect your hair roots. For laser hair removal to work well, there needs to be a tiny amount of hair in the hair follicle. A small amount of stubble is ideal. We recommend shaving the day or two before your treatment.

In the weeks before your treatment, shave regularly.

The other reason to shave your hair is that shaving helps to keep your hair follicles in the active stage. Laser hair removal only works on active hair follicles, and shaving routinely is an easy way to keep your follicles in the active stage of growing new hair.

Avoid the sun before, after and in between your treatments.

Any sun exposure will increase your risk of side effects, such as hypopigmentation or burning. Be sure to stay out of the sun throughout your treatments and apply an SPF 30 or higher diligently throughout the year.

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