Everything You Want to Know About the O-Shot

Oct 05, 2022
Everything You Want to Know About the O-Shot
Could the O Shot be the right treatment for you? Treating sexual dysfunction with injections into the vulva may sound a bit scary. However, the treatment isn’t painful, and the results are well worth it.

After the onset of menopause, many women suffer from low lubrication and, as a consequence, sexual dysfunction, which includes pain during intercourse.

The O-shot may seem invasive in treating the effects of hormone changes. However, with the help of local anesthesia, the treatment is painless, and it offers great results. 


Dr. Andrea Volk, our SafiraMD Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center expert, understand how unpleasant the idea of getting a shot in the vulva sounds. Below, we asked her to explain why the O-shot may be worth it for some women. 

What does the O-shot contain? 

The O-shot is a form of regenerative medicine that uses the body's own healing mechanisms to treat sexual dysfunction. It contains platelet-rich plasma that stimulates the production of healing factors, increasing elasticity and lubrication in the treated area.

The platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your own blood. During the treatment, you'll be asked to lie down while Dr. Volk takes a few vials of your blood, spins the blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and the plasma from the other blood components, and then injects the concentrated solution into your vulva. 

What to expect from an O-shot 

Depending on the area where it’s injected and your concerns, the O-shot can offer a boost in volume and improvements in appearance, sensitivity, lubrication, blood flow, and urinary function. 

You can expect increased sensitivity in the area during the first few days after the injection. New tissue will continue to grow for two to three months, after which you can see the final results. 

To maintain their results, most patients are recommended to get an O-shot every three to six months. After the treatment, you may experience some sensitivity and irritation, but these symptoms usually go away within 24 hours. 

No known long-term side effects are associated with the O-shot, and no downtime is required after the treatment. 

Find out if you’re a good candidate for the O-shot

Good candidates for the O-shot don't have any bleeding disorders or active infections in their vaginas. They should also be looking to treat sexual dysfunction caused by aging, hormone imbalances, and childbirth. 

If you have symptoms that are causing you distress, rest assured that there are treatments that can bring you relief. Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if an O-shot is a right option for you.