Reduce Sweat This Year

reduce sweat

For many people, summer isn’t the only time they’re frequently checking under their arms to see if they’ve sweat through their clothes. If this is a habit you deal with year-round, in the air conditioning as much as in the sun, you may have hyperhidrosis. This condition is more common than you’d think. If staying dry is a daily battle, know you’re not alone, let’s reduce sweat for 2021.

At SafiraMD Medical Aesthetics & Wellness Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, our goal is to help you achieve comfort and confidence. That’s why we offer miraDry®. This impressive treatment uses thermal energy to target and eliminates sweat and odor glands in your underarm. The best part is, once those glands are eliminated, they don’t come back! You can enjoy long-term sweat reduction, and therefore a reduction in sweaty clothes filling up your laundry basket.

Reduce Sweat Under Your Arms

miraDry can take as little as one hour, and you can enjoy the results for the rest of your life! Because everyone responds to treatments differently, it may take more than one session to see complete success. A detailed treatment plan customized to your needs will be determined during your consultation.

You might be wondering, “don’t I need my sweat glands, though?” And you’re correct! The catch is that the sweat glands in your underarm area make up only 2% of your body’s total sweat glands. Your body will still be able to properly cool itself without that 2%, so you can feel confident in enjoying your reduce sweat, odor-free life without concern.

If no longer dealing with excessive sweating sounds like a dream come true, then give us a call today at 678.235.8221 or request a consultation online so we can help you achieve your dream of cool, dry confidence!

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